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Holistic Pulsing is a profound system of healing and self-discovery based on the most fundamental principles of life: rhythm and water

Geomancy, also known as feng shui (the Chinese version) is a science which analyses the subtle energies of nature that ebb and flow throughout the landscape, influencing health and wealth; home, garden and office alike

Blue Knob Hall Gallery aims are to promote the awareness and appreciation of art within the community and to visitors, and to foster professional art practice


Situated in the Northern area of NSW, offering accommodation and a comfortable hall for venue and workshops

Over one hundred Web pages explain, how to set up and utilise, different forms of Renewable Energy Systems

Byron Bay - Rainbow Region community notice board

Promotion Bites offer a variety of services in Commercial Advertising, Web Design, Digital Imaging, Exhibitions, Display Design and Illustrations

Support and guidance for those who wish to travel the inner landscape

Trauma informed training for community and organisations