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The 'Western Rim' of the Caldera around Wollumbin, is the heartland of the Bundjalung Nation. Here is "Strong Country". The many Tribes that form the Nation made their journey here every year, to give to, and receive from the core of their Traditions and their Law.

The Wollumbin tribe would welcome them from their pathways; waiting camped for them in huge gathering camps, until all were ready to walk in. The Mountain, (Wollumbin) and the Law that every tribal member was given to understand to the best of their ability, are one and the same to the Bundjalung People.

This Natural Law, is based in a perfect integrity and respect for life, has a very thorough understanding of all the ways of creatures and plants, and continues in layers of love and wisdom for the well being of Country, and the people belonging to that Country.

View from Mt Warning
Sphinx Rock at sunset

The Law Men and Women, and the "Holy" Men and Women of these tribes, had their Country, the Earth, "Maming" and the stars, all "hooked up". Their work with time and space would be very different to how we imagine. To become a Man or Woman of Law was a life time work, with many disciplines, (equivalent to 3 PhD’s) all learned orally.

The Mountain itself was extremely sacred to this process, and never visited except in relation to accomplishing these initiations. That fact that over a million bodies choose to climb it every year is a travesty of understanding to these people.

When you come to Bundjalung Country as strong as this, you may like to do as one of the beautiful songs says, "Wana," (Walk slowly, through my country) so as not to miss any thing, and let it speak to you.